10 Amazing Tips to Create Catchy Titles

Writing isn’t as easy as it might seem. Knowing the rules isn’t all it takes to write amazing content, but you should still learn a few. They will also help you when that ”blank mind” moment comes. If you want your titles to work to their fullest, make sure you take note of these 10 amazing tips to create catchy titles.

    1.Know how to keep it simple

Using a simple, but catchy headline is always the best way. Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 people only read the title. How about you make sure this number becomes smaller? Don’t try to make it too sophisticated because it won’t bring any good to your content. No matter what the theme is, a simple title that explains your content best is the perfect one!

     2. Use numbers

This is a good method to make it simple and eye catchy. Let’s say you want to write about kids that are fussy about food. In this case, the best way to catch your reader’s mind is to put numbers in your headline. For example:”8 Amazing Ways to Make Your Kids Eat”. See what I mean? It’s simple; it has numbers and makes those worried parents read more than just the title.

3. Don’t make it look smart

Trying to look smart won’t make you loved by the reader. No one likes a writer that wants to be above them. Bragging that you know some amazing words that only few understand isn’t the thing to do when choosing your title. Your readers might not even read the whole title if it starts with a complicated word that is hard to understand.

     4. Keep it short

This is another way to keep it simple as it is. Complicating things isn’t the thing to do when you create your title. Longer titles are harder to memorise and aren’t that catchy. And this is a proven fact. Unless it has some rhyme or it is some quote everyone knows, then(there is no use in a long title that won’t even be read. Your reader will get tired after reading just the title. Well, that just in case he will finish reading it.

     5. Promise

This isn’t an effective method to only make your title catchy, but also to make sure the reader will go through the rest of your text. It is just like a teacher would say that by the end of the class you will be able to speak Japanese. Seems impossible to learn a language in just a few hours, right? But it still makes you wait till the end and see. That’s just how it works with writing. You promise that after he reads he will be able to write catchy titles, just like I did. And it seems that I made you read up to here.

     6. Write it down

Just make a list with all the titles that come to your mind. It really helps a lot. This way, you won’t forget your previous ideas and you can also combine them at the end so you can get the best one. Also, if you already have your topic chosen, or even better, your text written, you can write down words that come to your mind while thinking about it or reading it. It’s just like brainstorming and taking out of your mind all the original ideas. This method helps a lot and is good practice for getting the best titles. After doing this a few times, you will be able to just write the title without thinking about it too much.

     7. Make it balanced

This refers to the tone you use. Not just in your text, but also in your title. They need to match, because the title actually just lets the reader know what to expect from the rest of the text. If your text is too scientific, then you can’t really use a funny title. The reader will be disappointed to find out that even if it is titled ”Carbonate yourself”, the text will only have scientific facts about Carbonate. You would be disappointed too, right?

 8. Leave it alone

So you just finished writing your text. But it’s been some time already and you didn’t come up with a title for it! Don’t worry. It will make things worse. How about a break? I think it’s the perfect time for it. This tip doesn’t just apply to creating titles, but also to many other situations. For example, you’re on an exam and don’t know how to answer question number 3. Just leave it there and go to the next one. Your brain will come up with the answer if it is somewhere in your head. This is just the same when it comes to creating amazingly catchy titles. Eat or just listen to some music. The idea will come to you eventually.

 9. Use a metaphor

This will make your title interesting and, of course, catchy! But don’t go overboard and be too poetic. You might ruin it all. So be careful choosing your words if you are going to use a metaphor in your title. You don’t want, as I just said, to look too smart in front of your readers. It should be something simple that most people can understand.

   10. Know your reader

This might be the most important tip. Not just for creating your title, but even for the text itself. While you are writing, you should first of all think what kind of people will read it. You can’t have a serious title if your text is for teenagers. You have to become the reader and try to see through his eyes.

Creating a title isn’t an easy task. Still, you have to do it because it’s the key to a text. You can’t just leave your article without one. It takes time, practice and imagination. Even so, I’m sure that you will be able to create extremely catchy titles if you follow these tips.