Yahoo has confirmed that data from 500 million users were stolen. Yahoo has strongly urged users to change their passwords, according to CNN.

The stolen data included names, e-mail addresses and security questions and answers that may be used by hackers to log into the victims’ other online accounts.

Eventually, this security breach might force affected users to change more than their Yahoo passwords – they may need to generate new passwords of other online accounts which uses the same e-mail address or security question.

As you know, this is very frustrating for users. Not only must users change their passwords, they also have to ensure that the replaced passwords are strong so that their accounts will not be hacked easily. These passwords are normally alphanumeric characters that are difficult to remember.

For convenience and security, it is recommended to use a password manager app to generate and save strong passwords. Instead of memorising a list of passwords, you only have to remember one password.

Such password manager apps to use are LastPass and Dashlane. Find out more about password managers below: (