[Use Facebook To] Attract Clients Who Are Willing To Pay You

Have you felt like you have been “stalked” on Facebook because the products/services that you are looking for lately keeps showing up on your newsfeed?  

Don’t worry, you are NOT being stalked! This is an advanced Facebook Advertising technique used by businesses to show their advertisements to targeted consumers who are likely to buy their products or engage their services. 

There is a technical explanation to show how this technique work. What i can to tell you is that Facebook Advertising can help you ATTRACT CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS who are WILLING TO PAY YOU.

How Ivan Generated 100+ Enquires & Closed $45,000 Worth Of Sales.

Note: When i say $45,000 i mean fully paid fees to Ivan within 3-days of their first meeting. 

Ivan is a sales director who consulted my lead generation services in October 2017. He is not entirely new to Facebook Advertising, but he found himself exhausting his advertising budget given by his company from attempting Facebook advertising with “trial and error”. To his dismay, his attempt resulted in many “errors”!

[Use Facebook Ads To] Attract Customers Who Are Willing To Pay You
how to close a sale in one meeting by rei lim

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3 Important things that helped Ivan generate his record breaking sales

1. Facebook Pixel
The purpose of a Facebook Pixel is to leave a cookie that will track visitors of your website so that you can advertise to them later, via the custom audience function on Ads Manager. This is called Retargeting. With Facebook Pixel, you can also track the actions of your website visitors, such as tracking those who utilised selected functions eg Add to cart, Contact form etc

2. Detailed Targeting
Detailed targeting is a function on Facebook’s Ads Manager where advertisers “tell” Facebook who they want to show their advertisements to. Utilising Facebook’s detailed targeting option allows advertisers to reach out to Facebook users based on their demographics(job titles, employers, birthday etc), Interests(eg business, entertainment types, food preference etc), behaviours (online purchase, type of mobile user etc)

3. Custom Audience
Using the “Custom Audience” function on Facebook’s Ads Manager, you can create the “stalking” effect by showing your ads to an identified group of Facebook users.

“Identified group” refers to the following:
– Recent visitors to your website
– Recent users of your app
– Facebook users who recently engaged with your Facebook content
– Customer File

To find out more about implementing the above, you may download this free guide – www.metricmedia.biz/attractclientsfb

Article by Rei Lim

Rei Lim

Rei Lim

Lead Generation Specialist

With 7 years of progressive experience in digital marketing, Rei currently spearheads Metric Media Pte Ltd as Regional Account Director. An effective marketer, Rei has helped many companies big to small achieve record breaking results.

Happy To Help. Let Me Know Any Questions You Have.

I must really thank Rei Lim from Metric Media Pte Ltd for the unbiased, highly effective consultation service given to my team of marketing staff and I. We further engaged Metric Media for their lead generation services, our revenue went up by 3 times more than usual and we finally broke our sales record by a six-figure mark.

Ivan Lin

Sales Director, Nextlogic Ltd

I have been in the diamond jewellery business for the past 11 years and Rei Lim from Metric Media is definitely one of the best consultants i have worked with. His very brilliant way of crafting digital marketing strategies has helped my company greatly in digital marketing.

Apart from branding, Rei is very skilled in technology with impeccable knowledge in artificial intelligence(AI) as well as Marketing Automation.

His systematic and transparent way of delivering his work makes me put 100% trust in his advice and recommendations. Highly recommended as someone you can trust as a skilled and ethical professional.


Diamond Jeweller, Mahika Jewellery

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