Article by Rei Lim

Have you felt that some people seem have a “talent” to close sales in one meeting with their client? 

Many sales people pick up all kinds of sales techniques they can find hoping they can use them to “push their sales”. But this attempt often backfires and “push their customers away” instead. The ultimate step to make clients/customers make the purchase is often overlooked by many businesses, INCLUDING YOUR COMPETITORS – so you better pick up before they do! 

The ability to close the sale quick is extremely crucial. The more time we spend with the customer, the more opportunities the customer has to bargain the prices, reconsider the purchase which may ultimately lessen the probability of closing it. That is why it is best to close the deal in ONE.SINGLE.MEETING

I can almost hear some of you saying “the person i meet on the first meeting is often not the sole-decision maker, the purchasing decision is also dependant on upper management or other stakeholders or their spouse etc”. If that is the case, i PROMISE YOU, if you follow my steps stringently, your client will inform you within the next THREE DAYS telling you the DEAL HAS BEEN APPROVED, and PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE!

So how do i start?

How To Close A Sale in One Meeting (Step by Step PDF Guide)

how to close a sale in one meeting by rei lim

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90% of the deal is closed before your client meets you.

This may sound too good to be true, but believe it or not, if you want to close deals in ONE MEETING, you got to understand that 90% of the deal is closed before your client meets you. Many sales people work very hard to “convince” clients of their products & services. Hence, you need to turn the game around and minimise the persuasion and maximise the conversion – look, they even rhyme! 

I recently coached Henry, a real-estate sales agent on this topic. Being a newbie in real-estate, he was inexperienced and not very eloquent. I taught him that while sales techniques and experience plays an important role in sales, he needs to “do the selling” before his clients meets him and NOT during or after the meet up itself. 

With the permission of Henry, i have collated what i taught him into a summarised PDF here –

Article by Rei Lim

Rei Lim

Rei Lim

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His systematic and transparent way of delivering his work makes me put 100% trust in his advice and recommendations. Highly recommended as someone you can trust as a skilled and ethical professional.


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