Why Do Most Articles Fail to Get Shared on Social Media

Social media is influential and grows every day. Being influential on social media isn’t an easy thing which takes plenty of knowledge and practice. It’s not enough to just write good content. There are formats, blueprints and rules to follow in order to achieve desirable results.

    1. Headline matters

The words in your headlines really do matter when it comes to sharing on social media. The headline is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, especially in this field. Not only that it makes people find and read your article, but it also makes it more shared and liked. Terms such as “review”, “social” and “apps” in your headline might not make a text as shared as other ones.

   2. Short content isn’t always that good

When it comes to social media marketing, the content’s length can decide if the article will be well shared or not. You might think that a longer text will make the readers dislike it and they might not even read it. Well, it isn’t that way. Not in social marketing at least. The more information you have, the more shared your article will be. But this still doesn’t mean that you have to write extremely long texts. Around 1.000 words is just enough for the text to have the information the reader needs without becoming boring. Make the reader want to read it till the end and make him feel that it is worth sharing with his friends.

   3. Helpful content

Might sound like a cliche or common sense. However, always keep your content in check, make sure they are relevant to a huge range of audience. If they like your article and find it helpful, they might want their friends to find out about it too. Or maybe they just know a friend that should read it and so most of them share it without even reading it.

   4. Interesting content

People buy stories and magic. It is about story-telling and how you portray your content, preferably in a creative manner. This will create a stronger impact on your audience and induce deeper curiosity.

   5. The Share button

We call this a Call To Action(CTA). It is a must-have for social media marketing besides the like button. Why? People are all somehow lazy and they find it easier to just click on the button. Copying the link of the article and sharing it in such a way seems like too much of a hassle. Just make sure you place it somewhere where it can be easily seen.

   6. Visual content  

The visual side of your text is also really important here. Some might not even read the title and click on the link just because of the photo. A suggestive photo could do the magic you need. But still, don’t try to fool your readers with a picture that has no connection with the content. Don’t just add one with Michael Jackson when your article is about how to get a good night sleep. It will make things worse and you will lose your connection with the reader because he won’t trust you anymore. So, a good photo is an amazing trick, as long as it sticks to the content.

   7. Quality writing

Grammar mistakes won’t do any good to your content. I am pretty sure you knew that already. But I will still remember you about this, so you can realise how much of an importance this has when writing. You can’t expect too many shares from an article with bad grammar. Unless it is shared to show the others an example of how you shouldn’t write.

   8. Be active

Yes you should! And don’t be active just by writing every day, but also by sharing your articles. This way, you start the sharing of your article and it is easier for people to just share your post. Another way to be active in this field is talking with your followers. And don’t just respond to their comments like a machine would do. Your readers are looking for a sincere answer that is similar to your style of writing, so be careful not to disappoint them.

In conclusion, most articles fail to get shared on social media just because:

  • the headline isn’t catchy enough
  • the content is too short
  • it isn’t helpful, nor interesting
  • there is no share button
  • there is no photo to make you interested in the article
  • there are lots of grammar and spelling mistakes
  • the writer doesn’t know his readers well enough

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