It is hard to guarantee that every client will buy at that instant because many consumers are savvy and have the tendency to “shop around”. 

However, through my lead generation coaching, my clients were able to create an effect to make their customers inclined to purchase even if they do not buy at that instant.

How? Read on…

Create an irresistable offer that is only valid for a certain timeframe. 

Customers at this point are sitting on the fence as to whether to buy from you or go somewhere else. Having an irresistable offer with a validity period gives them space to do final considerations, yet making it compelling for them to buy from you. Eg, a validity period which works very well for e-commerce is 72 hours.

p.s. email me to ask about a validity period that works well for your industry. Too many to list it here

How To Close A Sale in One Meeting (Step by Step PDF Guide)

how to close a sale in one meeting by rei lim

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Examples of irresistable offers

1) Offer discounts (without sounding “cheap”) 

While it seems convenient to offer discounts, it is very important not to unintentionally “cheapen” yourself by doing so. Discounts, if presented correctly can increase your chance of closing the deal by 70%!

There are several techniques on presenting discounts effectively, which is too comprehensive to explain it here. If you like to learn them, you may email me to ask me how.

2) Give additional value (without tiring yourself) 

Value is in what you offer and not just how much you offer.

You need to surprise your customers in order to make them feel that they are getting more than what they are paying for. Then again, be very careful not to unintentionally cheapen yourself while doing so –  email me to ask me how

Rei Lim

Rei Lim

Lead Generation Specialist

With 7 years of progressive experience in digital marketing, Rei currently spearheads Metric Media Pte Ltd as Regional Account Director. An effective marketer, Rei has helped many companies big to small achieve record breaking results.

Happy To Help. Let Me Know Any Questions You Have.

I must really thank Rei Lim from Metric Media Pte Ltd for the unbiased, highly effective consultation service given to my team of marketing staff and I. We further engaged Metric Media for their lead generation services, our revenue went up by 3 times more than usual and we finally broke our sales record by a six-figure mark.

Ivan Lin

Sales Director, Nextlogic Ltd

I have been in the diamond jewellery business for the past 11 years and Rei Lim from Metric Media is definitely one of the best consultants i have worked with. His very brilliant way of crafting digital marketing strategies has helped my company greatly in digital marketing.

Apart from branding, Rei is very skilled in technology with impeccable knowledge in artificial intelligence(AI) as well as Marketing Automation.

His systematic and transparent way of delivering his work makes me put 100% trust in his advice and recommendations. Highly recommended as someone you can trust as a skilled and ethical professional.


Diamond Jeweller, Mahika Jewellery

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